FRANCINE RAYMOND is celebrating 40 years on stage as a singer-songwriter and has earned the nickname of “Melodic Alchemist”. Considered a pioneer during the 90s, her music appealed to a large audience. Her critically praised discography includes five albums (Éponyme, Souvenirs retrouvés, Les Années Lumières, Dualité, Paradis perdu) and eight consecutive #1 hits. She also received 15 SOCAN Songwriting Prizes, the prestigious Octave d’or from the Francophonie Internationale and 14 nominations for the ADISQ Gala and a Felix in the singer-songwriter category.

The beginning and the now – Full circle

From Roxboro, Francine began singing in various West-Island rock bands In the 70s that were regulars at the Maples Inn and the Edgewater in Pointe-Claire.

“I use to hitchhike from my parent’s house to the “Mapes” and literally fell in love with the beauty of the landscapes along the Lakeshore. That is precisely where and when I wished to pursue my musical aspirations and eventually build a new life in the area.

A Pointe-Claire resident since 1998, I continue to experience a profound attachment to Lake St-Louis and I have taken numerous photographs.”

LumiNaissance is an exploration of macrophotography focusing on the light reflected by water of Valois Bay on Lake St-Louis at different stages – from frost and defrost- playing with the variations of temperature during the winter months.    


Astonishing textural compositions from sensual undulations, a crystalline geometry, and an inspiring view on an imaginary world are related to the conscience of our universe. This exhibit opens the spirit to the outside world of an impressionist, fauvist or an abstract painting.

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At a very early age, Francine Raymond understood the essence of a rich melody as well as delivering her own.


With five critically acclaimed original albums as a singer songwriter, she saw her various writing collaborations reach 8 times the #1 position on the Quebec’s charts, receive 12 SOCAN prizes, the International Octave d’or de la Francophonie and multiple nominations at l’ADISQ of which she won Best Songwriter of the year


Some of her songs have been covered by Internationally known French artists and are published in school manuals.


In 2002 she published her first poetry book “Lettres compost”

along with her fifth opus “Paradis perdu”, 


Currently, Francine is continuing her creative journey, writing songs for other artists, embracing her new passion for photography and travel. She continues to perform in conceptual and fundraising events.